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Namaste! April 2nd is marked as WORLD AUTISM DAY.

To encourage autistic persons and provide them with a platform to showcase their creativity, we invite them to share their drawing/ painting/ dance/ music/ slogans/ poetry/ short story with us.

Those who support this cause can also participate in this event. However, supporters can only send us their drawing/painting and slogans to show their support, love, care, and inclusion.

There are two categories:

Category A is for autistic persons.

Category B is for supporters of autism.

If you are an autistic person, are parent to an autistic child, or are an ardent supporter of this special cause, please register yourself today.

Your creative work should be submitted latest by March 31st, 2022.

It is mandatory to follow us on two of our social media handles. Here are the links:



To register, either scan the QR code or access the link–

Selected works shall be uploaded on our social media handles.

Hurry up!

For any further details, please email us at

Thank you!

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We are excited to announce the third edition of our prestigious WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE DIGITAL AWARDS.

The results shall be announced on March 8th, 2022. The last date to submit your entry is February 25th, 2022.

Please note: nomination does not guarantee the award!

Please find the link of the google form to nominate a deserving woman.

We encourage a deserving woman being nominated by others. These ‘others’ can be her family, friends, colleagues, or anybody else.

However, if you are very keen on receiving Self-nomination Form, please write to us at Please mention “Self-Nomination 2022’ in the subject line.

Here are some more details:


It is open to every woman. This also means that there is no restriction on staff, students, clients and associates of Spiritual Konnect.

By participating in this contest, you give us exclusive rights to use your name and image to promote this event on our various social media channels and website.


Any woman who is an inspiration to many.

Those who were nominated in the previous version of Woman of Substance Digital Awards, but were not awarded, also stand another chance to be nominated in this edition.


Those who have received this award in our previous edition cannot be nominated in the same category. They can, however, nominate other deserving women and themselves be nominated in a different deserving category.


We have introduced a new category this year. It is for inspirational girls under eighteen. The category is named Exceptional Girl. If you know an extraordinary girl, please do nominate her.

Lifetime Award: For women who have been in their profession/calling for at least 30 years, or are 60 years and above.

Woman of Courage: For any women who have been courageous/ have fought against challenges bravely/are working in the armed forces or security forces or police department, or other such services.

Woman of Exceptional Talent: Any women who are working/non-working. Someone who has exceptional talent in any field.

Exceptional Author: For women authors with published works. It could be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novella, blog, or playwright. Please provide details of your published work along with links.

Exceptional Artist: Any woman who is professionally involved in any form of art like drawing, painting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, sculpting, murals, interior decoration, architecture, or any other art form. Please send details of your work.

Exceptional Hobby Nurturer: Many women nurture their hobbies. They do not make a career out of them, but their heart and soul lie there. This category is for women not professionally involved in any kind of hobbies.

Exceptional Innovator in Education: Innovation in education is a must. This category is for women who work as education consultants, or are involved in designing curricula with a new perspective.

Best New Entrepreneur: This category is for women entrepreneurs who are founders of their businesses that have been incorporated not more than five years ago. Please provide website address and other relevant details.

Best Media Artist: For women working in print-online journalism, television-film industry, modelling, and/or advertising.

Best Singer/Dancer/Musician:  For women who are professional singers, dancers, musicians, instrumentalists, and vocal artists.

Best Player/Athlete: For professional sportswomen. City, State, National, International– all inclusive.

Best Volunteer: For women whose soul lies in volunteering.

Exceptional Girl (For Under 18): For girls between ten and eighteen who have shown extraordinary capability in any field. Please provide details with links.


Only entries complete in all regards shall be considered.

Liking and Following our page Spiritual Konnect on Facebook and Instagram is MANDATORY.


Once nominations are received, all the applications go through rigorous screening. Our panel of judges goes through each application thoroughly and only deserving candidates make it to the final round of screening, after which they arrive at a decision. Nomination does not guarantee the Award.

The Decision of the Judges will be Final and Abiding to all!

Last date to receive nominations is FEBRUARY 25th, 2022.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for the award.

Hurry up!!!


The winners will be announced on MARCH 8th on our Facebook Page—

The Award Certificate will be emailed to the winners and shall also be hosted on our Facebook page.



We often upload details of all upcoming events on our Facebook page. Please visit it to be updated. Our Facebook page URL is:

Thank you!



Let us celebrate a New Life, New Beginning on February 5th, 2022, on the auspicious occasion of VASANT PANCHAMI.

This day is also known as BASANT PANCHAMI and Shri Panchami. The day marks the beginning of the spring season. This day, Indians wear Yellow, decorate their homes and workplaces with Marigold flowers and organize Saraswati pooja.

If you are planning to start something new, this is the best day to do so.

For more details, please visit our Facebook page: Spiritual Konnect at


World Spirituality Day/ International Essay Writing Competition– INNER REFLECTIONS 

We celebrate “World Spirituality Day” on August 5th every year. People engage themselves in at least one spiritual activity to mark this special day. However, this year we have come up with a unique idea to engage students from across the globe to write an essay and submit their creation in a word format file on or before August 5th. This is an attempt to get students thinking and connect with their innerself and reflect on their life. This activity is a step to help students reconnect with their innerself and get thinking.

Place: Your home. Duration two hours

What you get: Peace of mind and a digital certificate of participation.

For more details please check our Facebook page and watch our YouTube channel.