riSE Meditation Classes

riSE Meditation Classes

Meditation is the easiest yet the toughest spiritual practice one can do to connect with his or her inner-self. Meditation is the easiest thing to do because you can do it anywhere, anytime, with or without seeking any help from anyone. And, the toughest, because it requires your commitment! Meditation helps you to connect and explore your inner-self, higher-self, and also helps you to connect with the vast universe which is otherwise really difficult to do.

Meditation has lasting impact on our very being. You may get solutions to your recurring issues while in meditation. Meditation rather opens up the path way to move forward in life.

We conduct one-on-one and group Meditation Classes for everyone aged—8 and above. One-on-one class is generally conducted through Skype; and group classes are conducted in our premises or at any pre-determined place/s.