Self Discovery Courses


Self discovery courses are a tool to reconnect with your inner self and find out the way that give more meaning to life and bring happiness and peace in you. We have many courses in this category.

Spiritual Dance Forms – Dance is a spiritual therapy. You might have witnessed many devout feeling one with the Supreme Soul while dancing. There are various forms of Spiritual dances. One can learn these to synchronize their inner and outer universes.

Mandala Drawings—Mandala drawings are a form of spiritual drawings that give an individual a deeper vision to understand the state of mind at the time of making a Mandala. These drawings give insights straight into one’s heart and soul.

Inside the Window – This our unique program where the participants are guided to draw a square and from there they begin their inner journey discovering their hidden talents, unknown fears, patterned thoughts and behaviors.

Color Therapy –Colors play a very important role in one’s life. The usage of a particular may be making or breaking or life. Learn more about this in color therapy sessions.

Music Therapy – It is said that music the language of the soul. Music touches every human being in some form or the other. Get solution to your day-to-day concern with music therapy.