Metaphysical Parenting Classes

Metaphysical Parenting Classes

Pre Conception – This class aims at educating young couples who are planning a family in months to come. Since conception is a process of beginning a new life, it is of utmost importance for the couple to be in their best of health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

These classes aspire to make the couple aware of the subtle but important issues that affect the quality of sperm and ovum; and thus affect the fetus.

Post Conception– Those who have already conceived can find benefit in this module. This module takes care of everything from diet, exercise, physical, mental, emotional well being to spiritual connect with your inner-self and with your baby.  You will learn about little nuances on how to prepare your child for this world while still inside the womb, but without passing on superfluous information. It is simply not recommended to bombard the baby’s mind with clutter. This information is spiritual in nature and hence will have an enduring impact on your child’s development.