The Founder

The Founder

“Make your own path and tread on that, leaving a trail behind so that others may follow in your footsteps.” – Rev. Dr. Manisha Anwekar

Her Journey – Our Founder, Rev. Dr. Manisha Anwekar, began her “conscious” spiritual journey very early in her life. As far as she remembers, she began meditating at the age of 5 years, teaching meditation at the age of 10 and spiritual parenting at the age of 20 years.

While she had everything under the sky in abundance on the material front, she describes herself that she was not a very happy child. The reason was NOT that she was deprived of something in her life, but because her challenges were different. She is

  • Clairvoyant (Psychic Seeing, beyond five senses)
  • Clairsentient (Psychic Sensitivity)
  • Clairaudient (Psychic Hearing)
  • Clairgustant (Psychic Tasting)
  • Clairessent (Psychic Smelling)
  • Clairempath (Psychic Empathy)
  • Claircognizant (Psychic Intrinsic Knowledge)

These heightened psychic abilities posed many challenges to her during her childhood as she could not assimilate these strange signals emerging from nowhere. By default, she read people’s thoughts, and scanned them for energy traps and thought patterns. As she grew with these “gifts”, she understood that the material world is NOT a real world. People often indulge in very different stuff to what they portray. As these feelings kept her uneasy and curious, she began searching for her answers from all the available sources and resources.

She understood that meditation was such a friend of hers that kept her happy and grounded in testing times.

Education – She is a university topper. Graduated in Science and then pursued her masters in Business Management. She also earned her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Metaphysical Science from FL, USA. She has a post graduate advance diploma in Vedic Astrology and also is trained in Perfumery, Essential oils and Aromatherapy.

Spiritual Experiences – She has had many spiritual experiences like feeling the vibrations in and around her body, sensing soul presence, hearing souls talking, spirit communications, sighting of astral bodies and astral travel. She helps souls via direct spirit communications with them.

Memberships – She is an esteemed member of the following organizations.

  1. American Psychological Association,US
  2. International Dyslexia Association, US
  3. ICMH Metaphysical Church, US
  4. IMPA, US
  5. Meditation Society of Australia, Australia
  6. Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, India
  7. Indian Philosophical Congress, India
  8. Indian Women Network, India
  9. Rotary International
  10. UN Volunteers

Books Authored

She has authored eighteen books so far.

  1. Chakra View—A Peek into The Amazing World of Chakras (October, 2014)
  2. Jeevan Sanwarne Ke Mantra (February, 2015)
  3. ANTAHKARAN– Inner Guidance Cards with instruction booklet (January, 2018)
  4. How I Reinvented Myself with A Gluten Free & Low FODMAP Diet (February, 2018)
  5. Pearls of Wisdom (March, 2018)
  6. PAUSE– To Begin Afresh (April, 2018)
  7. Sculpting Designer Babies– The Metaphysical Way (May, 2018)
  8. Study Smart Not Hard (June, 2018)
  9. Faith Binds… Absolute Faith Blinds (July, 2018)
  10. Jhatpat Snacks.. Simplified Cooking for Gen z (August, 2018)
  11. Inner Reflections (September, 2018)
  12. ZEN– Achieving Stillness in Motion (October, 2018)
  13. 7 Mantras That will Transform Your Life (November, 2018)
  14. The NITTY- GRITTIES of An Effective Presentation (December, 2018)
  15. ORATION ELATION– A Guide to Master Public Speaking (January, 2019)
  16. From SQUARE to CIRCLE (February, 2019)
  17. One Bedtime Ritual For A Harmonious Life (March, 2019)
  18. Never Chase Your Dreams (April, 2019)



She has received many national and international awards for her ethics and dedication in her chosen field.

  • Spiritual Konnect won India’s Best 5000 MSMEs award in 2017.
  • Woman of Excellence
  • Exceptional Woman of Excellence
  • Many awards in Rotary International

On Board of:

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) member as Spiritual Theologist with MCGM’s Comprehensive Thalassemia Care, Paediatric Hematology-Oncology & BMT Centre Satellite branch of LTM Medical College & General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai.